We grew up on the hill, overlooking the farms. I've been lucky enough to call a few of those kind, strong, hard working farmers my friend. I know how good they are, they do too. I've often thought that I could be that, what they are, in truth, it was never up to me. We were awarded the view.

A hearts a flame, a lantern, a candle, a wild fire
the sun
soothed with a breath, cool water, blue skies
the rain
but still its afire
and forever a light

She says I let it go too long. 
I don't say anything, I smile and hold it all in. 
Then I explode... 
Well, She's right, I do hold it in, because it's not the way that it's supposed to be.

Willy nilly, like a soft maple sprout, or thinking nails through the hands would hold a body to a cross. No, it takes oak and wrists -
and that's why knowledge is a curse.
When I can no longer care for them
they will no longer care for me
and my time will belong to me
at last