A hearts a flame, a lantern, a candle, a wild fire
the sun
soothed with a breath, cool water, blue skies
the rain
but still its afire
and forever a light

She says I let it go too long. 
I don't say anything, I smile and hold it all in. 
Then I explode... 
Well, She's right, I do hold it in, because it's not the way that it's supposed to be.

Willy nilly, like a soft maple sprout, or thinking nails through the hands would hold a body to a cross. No, it takes oak and wrists - and that's why knowledge is a curse.

When I can no longer care for them
they will no longer care for me
and my time will belong to me
at last

Something about these thin nylon tent walls give me a sense of security. I sleep detached from my surroundings as if I'm snuggled up safe in a cocoon, I know it's an illusion but yet I sleep and dream. Its troubling for me to come to terms with how sick and cruel society and nature really are. Maybe the world can be as I imagine it, if only for a brief time.